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Laboratorinės medicinos diena!

Šeštadienis, 2022 Lapkritis 05

 Lapkričio 5 diena - laboratorinės medicinos diena, nuoširdūs sveikinimai šios srities specialistams, kurie dažnai būna nematomi ir pamiršti. Tikimės, kad tai bus puiki pradžia gražiai tradicijai pažymėti savo profesinę šventę.

Aldona Baublytė


November 5 each year has been identified as the official day to celebrate the European Laboratory Day!

 Laboratory Medicine professionals are working behind the healthcare scene 24/7. We are often a mystery to the public; people are not informed about laboratory medicine. Together we can change that!
Our profession is vital in healthcare and it is our duty to show what we do and who is behind the numbers from a laboratory report.
European Laboratory Day initiative has the aim to incite EFLM members to organize an open-door day in their laboratories or/and organize activities in public that promote and advocate the role of Laboratory Medicine.

 Click here to download the leaflet and find example on how to celebrate this day in your hospital, city, country.

 Enter here the activity that you performed in your hospital, city or country to celebrate the European Laboratory Day. It will helps us to create a database of experiences!


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